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How to Find Stock Photos for Poshmark


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How to Find Stock Photos for Poshmark

Maria Baer

I get a ton of questions about selling on Poshmark and one of the most frequent topics that comes up is how to showcase better photos. 

 Stumped on how to find great stock photos to use with your Poshmark listings? The Baer Minimalist's How-To Guide walks you through the whole process!

Some sellers opt to put together fully styled outfits to use as a cover image, but my preference is to seek out a stock photo from the original retailer. This helps create a cohesive look on your Poshmark page, but also showcases the item in the best light and often times on a model so buyers can better understand fit.

Front of Skirt.jpg

I've found that even if an item is between 3 - 5 years old, I can generally locate an image (often times from another seller's listings on eBay or Poshmark) by searching the brand, color, style and a specific defining feature. 

These search terms are also great words to use when you are writing your description in Poshmark for the item.

For example, rather than just saying "yellow skirt" state the Store + Brand + Color + Material + Item. In this case "Anthropologie Elevenses Yellow Lace Skirt." 

Once you've done a search, click on Images and while it may take a bit of searching (or refining your terms), you will likely pull up just the image you are looking for. Definitely refrain from using other individual's photos and just stick to those from retailers. 

Stumped? Here is a quick How-To video showing you the exact process to locate a stock photo: 

Once I've located my stock photo, I'll take my own photos to showcase the front, back, wear + tear and details of an item. 

While seeking out an image like this this does take a few extra minutes, your items will sell MUCH quicker if potential buyers have a positive shopping experience on your Poshmark page!

Feel free to follow along @mbaer on Poshmark (and let me know so I can follow you and share your closet too). If you are brand-new to the Poshmark community, use the code PLTNK for $5 off your first purchase!

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