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Show Your iPhone Some Love <3

Maria Baer

I can’t believe this LOVEly month is coming to a close! But boy, am I ready to turn over a new leaf from this winter weather we’ve been having and kick it into Spring gear.

With so much hype around tidying and decluttering, you have probably tackled a closet or two in your home already this year. But what comes after that? I think that there is something to be said about taking some of these newfound decluttering skills one step further and applying them to your technology (desktop, photos, iPhone, etc).

If any of you have started to get the screentime updates, you are probably wanting to decrease the number of minutes (okay, hours) you spend on your phone each day. Having your home screen organized will definitely give you a bit of your precious time back. So today we focus on purging unloved and unnecessary apps and finally get after organizing our iPhones.

I am going to walk you through how to purge unused apps, organize and categorize your favorites and suggest a few new apps to keep your entire life organized.

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Tips for Organizing Large Sports Equipment

Maria Baer

As a Minnesotan who went to college in North Dakota, hockey was the big sport growing up. Now, don’t mistake that for me ever having picked up a hockey stick, but I do know my way around the ice rink on good ole’ figure skates.

With Fall sports in full swing, a question was recently posed to me about how to organize all of the “stuff” that comes along with sports. Whether you or your kiddos play football, hockey, or lacrosse, you are bound to have a ton of equipment taking up prime real estate in the garage or mudroom.

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Taking Command of Your Summer | Essentials for Creating a Family Command Center

Maria Baer

With a few weeks of school remaining, summer bucket lists have been dreamt up, camp is booked, and lake weekends are scheduled. But have you ever found the fun moments being overshadowed by the stress of keeping up at home?

Enter the Family Command Center, a solution that keeps the entire family on track with everything that needs to be completed during the week.

Here are five essentials to help you create one of your own:  

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The Baer Minimalist's Favorite Organizing Products

Maria Baer

As we settle into the new year, I'm sure many of you have made resolutions that include things like decluttering your house, spending more time with family and friends or just being more organized/on top of things in general. 

By starting small, with a single closet or space, you might be surprised at the motivation this causes in other areas of your life.

I recently had a friend reach out as she was stumped with how to organize her hall closet which needed to house everything from linens to beach towels to medicine for her family of four. She was several states away, so this was my first time tackling a virtual organization job and it was so fun to see the progress after a shopping trip on her end and about one hour of time organizing the closet. 

Which leads me to sharing a few of my favorite products for organization (many of which I recommended in her space).

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