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The Baer Minimalist helps you develop unique blueprints for your everyday life which not only keep your organized - and looking darn good in the process - but also create a more convenient way to live life, daily. We made it simple to organize + stylize your life.



Testimonials from some of The Baer Minimalist's down-right amazing clients!



So what does one do when they have an overwhelming amount of clothing (and shoes) that not only need to be purged, but impeccably organized?  Simple.  You call Maria from The Baer Minimalist.  We had the opportunity to meet up several months prior to us moving in and I just adored Maria right out of the gate.  An infectious smile (and laugh), cheery beyond measure, sweet as can be, and….ORGANIZED…..no doubt she was the gal for the job! 

What I approached as a very overwhelming situation, she had a plan upon arrival, executed it…and with a little champs, a lot of laughs, and creativity…Maria elevated an already beautiful closet situation.  And I cannot thank her enough. 

- Zionsville, Seersucker + Saddles' Master Closet

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If I could write songs, I would write a little ditty about how grateful I am Maria Baer decided to build her business here in Indiana. In three short sessions, she helped me completely purge and reorganize the busiest spaces in my home— office, kitchen and play room. I was completely overwhelmed by what was in front of me after years of stuffing things "here and there," just trying to work around papers that I was nervous about tossing (“what if I need them later?"), toys that could be donated (“He’s fourteen now, but I’m pretty sure this was his favorite thing when he was six months old!”) and peanut butter that had just barely expired (“Three years is fine, right?”). My anxiety about tackling everything made me avoid it, which only made it worse. My job is home-based, and I ended up doing most of my work at a kitchen counter on an uncomfortable school, shuttling back and forth to the office where my desk, files, printer and everything else lived.

The task was so great I was skeptical we could tackle a whole space in one session. I was willing to try it, but feared I might be getting myself into a situation that required a lot more time and money than originally expected. I was gobsmacked to realize only an hour into the first session that we would actually be able to do it. The office would be mine again before the afternoon was over!

Maria is calm, cool, and collected. Quick with advice (“you should keep that, we’ll put it here.”), humor (“I think we can toss this iPhone cord from 2008, just breathe.”), and action (“I texted a contact who could use these old books and they’ll be here to get them later today.”). It was crazy. And liberating.

I’m a grown professional woman who thought I should be able to make quick decisions about what to toss and what to keep, then organize everything efficiently and sensibly. Working with Maria helped me understand that just isn't my skill set. And pretending that it was resulted in a feeling of suffocatation and being overwhelmed in my own home. Luckily for all of us, Maria is an organizational wizard. It’s not just her skill set, it’s her superpower. I’m elated.

- Carmel, Whole Home Declutter + Refresh

Balloons Executed by Party with the Pink Elephant

If you are thinking about partnering with Maria for your party-planning needs - DO IT! You will be so happy you did!

Maria helped me and my husband plan a party for about 75 of our closest friends, in celebration of our recent wedding which had taken place in Italy. Maria is truly amazing at what she does!

We had an initial conversation around what I envisioned for the party theme and she just ran with it. It's as though she read my mind - actually, it was better than that - she knew what I wanted before I did! From the color scheme to signs and balloons, every single detail was aligned to our vision for the party. Maria is also extremely creative and her talent came through in so many ways, from flower suggestions to the adorable party favors for which she bottled and designed labels!!

She's amazing and her love and dedication for what she does comes through in every little detail. Our party guests could not stop gushing about how well-organized the party was, and how much fun they had. You will love working with Maria!

- Carmel, 75-Person In-Home Wedding Reception

Family Room Refresh

I happened upon Maria’s site after randomly picking up a book about home organization at the public library. This random library rental turned out to be such an important shift in our home life. Maria has helped me with major reorganization of my kitchen and styling and reorganization of our family room and office. 

With 2 children in a small home, we needed help minimizing the clutter and moving back towards making our spaces more feel more mature and less like a toy-explosion.

Her help and insight has inspired a whole makeover of our home. She kick-started my organizational mindset and has helped me love the simplified spaces we’ve created.

She is simply a joy to work with and I will definitely be hiring her again in the future for styling and/or event planning!

- Lafayette, Family Room Refresh

Kids Study Transformation | The Baer Minimalist

As a busy mom of three, taking on a room renovation with an already packed schedule could seem overwhelming.  Working with Maria at The Baer Minimalist made this project fun, easy and stress free.  Maria helped source many of the items, took measurements to make sure things were just right, was a sounding board for talking through decisions and finally, her favorite - helping to organize the 1,001 crayons, crafts, games and toys.

I would highly recommend Maria to anyone needing an extra hand in transforming a space, or organizing a current space.  I’m in LOVE with our new playroom…and best of all, my kids are too!

- Zionsville, Nursery to Kids Study Transformation

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The Baer Minimalist's skills are something to admire. I am over the moon impressed with how the space(s) turned out. I am dreaming of other areas to have her spread her magic touch. 

Maria, thank you again for all your hard work. It did not go unnoticed. Some of team members saw it and were blown away. 

I and Covideo are so excited we got to work together. You are spectacular at what you do and I will for sure speak to your skills every chance I get. I hope this is not the last time we work together. 

- CoVideo, Corporate Office Space


I was nervous to hire someone to help me clean out my closets. I knew I needed help but I was embarrassed to let a stranger see their condition. I bit the bullet and hired Maria. I can’t say enough about how much Maria has not only changed my house but my lifestyle. 

The closets went so well, I have hired Maria for help in three other areas. I’m sad to say that the only thing I have left for us to do is my kitchen! 

Maria helped me in a variety of ways. She organized the areas in such a way that I have been able to maintain the vision. We also cleaned out the junk so I have been able to save money by not buying a fifth black sweater. Now that I can clearly see all my clothes, I know what I have and know what I need or don’t need. 

Maria also helped me pick fresh paint colors and gave me some decorating ideas. My house now feels like a home!

- Fishers, Whole Home Refresh

Family Room | The Baer Minimalist

"I contacted Maria after having been in a new home for about 5 months and needed some help organizing and styling and making it actually feel like our home. She came over, saw our space and started to put together some ideas via Pinterest. It was so helpful to look at options and tell her what I️ liked and didn’t like. I️ also love that she accompanied the Pinterest ideas with a spreadsheet of links to actual products and price ranges!! And especially shipping time. Once we got the style narrowed down she was so helpful in helping select and purchase specific items and even running to some stores for me! 

Our house finally feels like a home thanks to Maria’s special touch. We have had so many compliments and I can’t take any credit! I️ wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. I️ can’t wait for her to come back and tackle another project!

Maria also organized my messy pantry and I️ am so thankful and proud to show it off! She has motivated me to get other closets and areas of my house in order."

- Noblesville, Family Room for Four

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Stone Center Grand Opening with Haven Magazine

Maria planned a incredible event for the Stone Center of Indiana.

Every detail was thoroughly vetted to make it a perfect evening for 300 people.

John Smitson, President/Owner of the Stone Center of Indiana

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Storage + Utility Closet | The Baer Minimalist

"The only spot I have for major storage had become a black hole for odds and ends in my house. With The Baer Minimalist at the helm I was able to decisively determine what needed to stay and what needed to go.

Beyond determining what to keep, Maria provided the ultimate time-saver by clearing out all the donated items from my house right after we done, saving me from a trip to multiple types of donation sites.

Before, I would walk past my hallway storage at twice the pace, trying to ignore the mess. Now when I walk by I feel organized and like I have a handle on my living space. I couldn't be more thrilled with the time I saved and how relieved I feel after shedding so much junk!"

- Fountain Square, Single Closet Dwelling

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