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Top 5 Tips for Selling on Poshmark


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Top 5 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Maria Baer

Over the last several years, I’ve embraced buying secondhand – it’s also been a great resource to sell items so they can be given a second (or third) life. As we embrace Fall, now is the perfect time to sift through your closet and see if any of your summer items should be retired.

This can be especially difficult for items that you haven’t really worn - maybe you got a great deal, maybe you brought it home and it didn’t go with anything in your closet, or you discovered it simply isn’t your style.


One way to make this a bit easier is by reselling items. For me, Poshmark has been an extremely easy way to earn a little cash while turning my wardrobe into a place where everything is loved. Here are my top 5 Tips for selling on Poshmark:

1. Follow, Follow, Follow & Share, Share, Share – I’ve found that following others and sharing their posts (just like sharing content on other social channels) prompts them to do the same for my Poshmark closet. As a result, I’ve had some quick sales for new items posted based on the size of my following (and I only personally know a couple of them). Another way to promote your items is to share to the daily "parties" that Poshmark hosts - take a look and see if any of your items fit into the theme and share away.

2. Take Your Own Photo and Write a Detailed Description to Use with Your Listing – I try to take all of my photos on the weekends when I can take advantage of great light, and of course, it is important to have photos from all angles so people can see any wear. Another time saver is finding the product description, eliminating the need to measure or detail out the fabric. Always, always, always make sure to disclose any wear and tear when listing.

3. Organize your Closet – Make sure to keep your available items listed above those that have already sold.  In order to do this, click into the item and click the arrow item in the top right hand corner. This allows you to share the item again to your followers, but also pulls it up to the top of your closet. No one wants to have to sift through dozens or hundreds of items to find what is available.

4. Ship Quickly – Poshmark makes it so EASY to ship. Immediately upon selling an item, they email you a two-day USPS shipping label. Print that puppy off, attach it to an old shoebox with your item packages neatly inside and drop it in your mailbox. Easy peasy!

5. Include a Note of Thanks – Something the Poshmark community LOVES is sending a quick little Thank You with your package. I’ve received some of the cutest messages from others, and a few free gifts along the way. Such a fun surprise and gives a personal touch when selling your items off for a second life!

BONUS TIP - Price fairly, offer a bundle discount if someone purchases multiple items from your wardrobe and think twice before declining someone's offer. Sometimes it is nice to get a few dollars and get the item out of your space versus holding onto it!

Feel free to follow along @mbaer on Poshmark (and let me know so I can follow you and share your closet too). If you are brand-new to the Poshmark community, use the code PLTNK for $5 off your first purchase!

Not sure where to start, let's organize a closet full of things you love (and wear) together!