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Location Independent Living with Crystal Grave

Maria Baer

Selling your belongings, packing up the car and setting forth on a true adventure. Has it ever crossed your mind? I think about it often, although I’m not positive I could ever pull the trigger. But I sure love being able to live vicariously through those that do.

For Crystal Grave and Chad Starns, they took advantage of jobs that allowed them to work remotely and headed out on a cross-country adventure five years ago. Since then, they’ve lived in San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Denver, New Orleans, Bozeman, St. Pete with plans to head to NYC next. In each city, they set up camp in a house or apartment for several months, before packing their car up again to hit the road. During this time, they’ve learned how important experiences are and have changed their beliefs on material goods.

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2019 Indianapolis Donation Guide

Maria Baer

I continue to be introduced to incredible local organizations (and a handful of national + international organizations) that tirelessly work to put your donated items into the hands of the most deserving individuals.

My hope is that you share this guide with family and friends, post in your neighborhood Facebook group, or print it, laminate it and post inside of a cabinet door! Then, take things one step further, and think through how you might be able to tackle some of the spaces in your own home where items are gathering dust.

Ultimately, I hope this guide serves as a reminder that those items that are stacked up in our basements, garages and closets could be utilized TODAY by someone trying to make a better life for their family.

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Maria Baer

This past week I had the opportunity to tour Coburn Place and was able to see how YOUR donations are placed directly into the hands of those in need. I felt compelled to share the impact that volunteers, the Coburn Place staff and the community are making for adults and children who are impacted by interpersonal abuse. My hope is that you keep Coburn Place top of mind as you look to rehome items that are no longer a fit in your space.

Since 1996, Coburn Place has been this incredibly unique resource for adults and children who are fleeing a dangerous situation. Indianapolis is beyond lucky to have this community resource in our midst, as it is one of the only resources of its kind in a multi-state area. In fact, since opening, Coburn Place has provided more than 1800 adults and children housing and support services.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Most Organized Garage Yet

Maria Baer

Garages…dirt collectors, dumping grounds, heck, junkyards. Am I right?

With Summer just around the corner, I partnered with Monkey Bar Storage to share a step-by-step guide to your most organized garage yet. Imagine a clean and clear, streamlined storage space that has this season’s items accessible, next season’s items stored away and space for your vehicle. This is the stuff of dreams, people.

I’ll hand the baton over to Olivia from Monkey Bar Storage to enlighten you on just how this can be accomplished.

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12 Ways to Get a Jumpstart on Being an Organized Mom

Maria Baer

When we found out we were expecting, I knew my organizational skills would be put to the true test. When I found out we were having twins…PHEW, game on.

So what’s a Type-A gal to do? Well, write a list of goals and things I wanted to accomplish leading up to our babes arrival. Some items were things I’d been meaning to do for years (get up to date on our annual photo books), while other came with the territory (create changing stations so that we’d never be more than a few feet from a diaper).

Below are 12 things I’m so thankful I accomplished prior to our babies arriving:  

1. Find a fun way to document your pregnancy, but don’t try to do too many different things. Making moments feel special and creating traditions is something that has always been important to me, but it can be too easy to get overwhelmed with multiple ideas as we browse Pinterest and social media. Choose one type of photo to take throughout your pregnancy to document your growing bump and make a note on your calendar to take said photos on a weekly or monthly basis (or even to mark the start of each trimester).

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