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5 Resources for Expectant Moms that Make All the Difference!

Maria Baer

Finding out you are expecting marks a pretty monumental day in a person’s life - possibly the most monumental. It can also be slightly, okay super, overwhelming as you think about all of the changes coming your way.

As an organized person by nature, I wanted to find some shortcuts to make me feel on top of it throughout the upcoming nine months. I uncovered some great resources that made all of the difference and am so pumped to share them with you!

More than anything, I’ve found that people are so helpful - with advice, hand-me-downs and so much support. Entering into this parenthood tribe is pretty cool, in my book!

Here are five resources and services that have allowed me to enjoy each and every day of my pregnancy and took a ton of the guesswork of my plate:

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4 Online Tools that Will Seriously Decrease Your Paper Clutter

Maria Baer

Ugh….paper. It is everywhere and is likely coming in your home quicker than you can review and toss! I’m a big believer in making decisions about paper the minute it enters my home (recycle, shred or needs action), but sometimes if we don’t have an alternative in place, those items turn into a mound on the kitchen island.

No more. I’m sharing my three favorite online tools for decreasing paper clutter and would love to hear all about your experience or solutions for managing paper in your own home in the comments.


I’ve raved about Pinterest again and again, but I use it to organize just about everything! As a result it has truly minimized the amount of sticky notes floating around OR the amount of catalogs that are piling up with dog-eared pages.

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3 Simple Hacks for Organizing Your Students

Maria Baer

Let’s talk about the vibe of your house on a Monday morning. Is it hectic? Or calm? My guess is that the start of your week reflects whether or not you’ve had the time to prep over the weekend. If you have a few minutes to meal plan, help ensure the kids are caught up on homework and that outfits are chosen for the week ahead, your Monday morning feels like a breeze compared to the alternative.

I’ve written about helping your kids get more organized before, but wanted to take school organization one step further now that we are into the second half of the school year! I reached out to one of the most organized moms I know, Stephanie Starkey with My Greige House, to collaborate on this post. Follow her, you’ll be so inspired by her ideas for cleaning + organization.

So let’s get to it! We wanted to share a few tips + tricks to keep your family ahead of schedule and on top of homework. It doesn’t have to be something that only happens in your dream world - I promise you!

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Why on Earth Would I Hire a Professional Organizer?

Maria Baer

Guys…when people ask me what I do for a living, my eyes light up as I tell them I have the privilege of helping families get more organized in their daily lives and homes (with a dash of party styling and event planning on the side).

But it is super common for them to say in response, “I didn’t even know that was a thing.” You see, everyone is aware of hiring house cleaners, wardrobe stylists and interior designers, but home organizing sits somewhere in between.

So if you are feeling bogged down with clutter, are prepping for a major life change or are convinced that there must be a better way to maximize the space in your home, enter the beauty of a session (or two) with a professional organizer. I wanted to lay out some of the reasons why I think hiring an organizer might just be the answer to your prayers (or at least help you whittle that To-Do list down this year).

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2018 Highlight Reel

Maria Baer

Wow! 2018 was a HUGE year (my first full year in business) for The Baer Minimalist! So many exciting transformations for clients, collaborations with realtors, countless cups of coffee shared with businesses and individuals making waves in Indianapolis, and tons of drop-offs to charities in need!

What better way to say goodbye to this last trip around the sun than by highlighting my top 10 for 2018.

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