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The Baer Minimalist helps you develop unique blueprints for your everyday life which not only keep your organized - and looking darn good in the process - but also create a more convenient way to live life, daily. We made it simple to organize + stylize your life.


The Baer Minimalist Blog - Tips, Tricks and Hacks on LIVING a more ORGANIZED + STYLIZED Life

Wait, Wait, Don't Throw Me!

Maria Baer

Have you ever been this close to pitching something when it suddenly hits you that it would be the perfect vessal to hold all of your {insert any random collection of items here}? I love it when this happens - giving a second life to something that would otherwise be tossed just FEELS good. 

So, without further ado, I'm sharing a few of my favorite items to hack into a new type of storage container below. 

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Video // Pantry Organization Tips

Maria Baer

When my friends at California Closets asked if I'd like to visit their gorgeous showroom and produce a monthly video series sharing organizing tips, I couldn't get to Downtown Carmel fast enough. 

Our goal was to tackle some of the obstacles that might prevent YOU from attaining all of your organizational dreams. So of course, our first order of business had to be that pesky kitchen pantry! One day you've got it looking fab and the next...well, we've all been there.

Pantries are probably the most trafficked space in every home, so its time we showed this area a bit of love. 

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