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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering this Spring


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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering this Spring

Maria Baer

This month I was featured in Haven Magazine (Page 12....whoop, whoop), alongside a ton of other amazing home-services businesses. Seriously, if you are in need of an expert to help with anything pertaining to your home, this is a wealth of amazing resources.

With Spring around the corner, I wanted to share my tried and true questions to help make the decluttering process a smidge easier. Check out the magazine HERE and subscribe so that the May issue finds its way to your mailbox. 

Haven Magazine - March 2018

Spring has sprung, which might mean you are feeling a bit antsy to declutter your home. As a professional organizer, I often help clients make decisions about what to keep and what to donate as we work to whip their space into shape.

If you are playing Tetris with the contents of your pantry or have found that your master closet is about to burst, here are my tried and true questions to consider when decluttering.

Do I still LOVE this item?
Fill your home with items that put a huge smile on your face and part ways with those that no longer fit your lifestyle.

Do I still have a USE for this item?
Pass along items you are saving for “someday” – especially if you haven’t touched them in a year or could borrow from a friend.

Do I still NEED this item?
Anything expired should be disposed. Take a peek at the contents of your pantry and medicine cabinet to start. Also consider duplicates. Once you’ve upgraded an item, donate the original.

Is holding onto this item causing me STRESS?
If you’ve got a feeling of guilt weighing you down for not using an item, or maintaining it is causing you to waste time, don’t feel bad about passing it along to someone who could put it to use today.

Could someone in my community BENEFIT from it?
One of the best parts of helping people get organized is finding community groups that can put donated items straight into the hands of those in need. Pop over here to download a DONATION GUIDE specific to Indianapolis charities.

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