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Tips for Organizing Large Sports Equipment


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Tips for Organizing Large Sports Equipment

Maria Baer

As a Minnesotan who went to college in North Dakota, hockey was the big sport growing up. Now, don’t mistake that for me ever having picked up a hockey stick, but I do know my way around the ice rink on good ole’ figure skates.

With Fall sports in full swing, a question was recently posed to me about how to organize all of the “stuff” that comes along with sports. Whether you or your kiddos play football, hockey, golf or lacrosse, you are bound to have a ton of equipment taking up prime real estate in the garage or mudroom.

I reached out to my friends at Pro Stock Hockey to talk about their tips for organizing hockey equipment and they shared this great infographic that highlights some universal tips for hockey and other sports with lots of large pieces and parts.

Infographic courtesy of  Pro Stock Hockey

Infographic courtesy of Pro Stock Hockey

See, it really is no different than organizing any other space in your home. Clear the clutter, designate a spot for everything left and create a custom solution that works for the specific items that needs to be stored.

Container Store Triple Storage Bin

If you are looking for the perfect storage units for your large-scale sports equipment, I've got to share a few great options that I’ve come across.

For all things organizing, Container Store is generally my first stop. I’m really digging the Heavy Duty Triple Storage Bin for sticks, balls and rackets ($49.99).

The Round Ball Claw (pictured above the storage bin) are a perfect solution for your soccer balls, basketballs and footballs - and I’m digging the finished look too ($9.99). Because shouldn’t your garage just be an extension of your living space?

Of course, depending on how old your athletes are, you may need something that provides easier access (especially if you expect them to help put things away).

School Lockers Fully Loaded Stadium Locker

For uniforms, you’ve got to find a solution that allows everything to breathe (or you’re bound to have a stinky mess on your hands). These Stadium Lockers from School Lockers are such a cool solution. They come in a variety of colors and would give each athlete in your house their own space to hang their uniform, store their shoes and house their equipment bag ($307.79). A garage would look so sleek with a couple of these mounted on the wall and they come in kids sizes too!

With an organized solution for uniforms and equipment, it is bound to make your little (and big) athletes have an easier time getting out the door, leaving more time for winning!

What organizing projects are leaving you stumped?

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