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Why on Earth Would I Hire a Professional Organizer?


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Why on Earth Would I Hire a Professional Organizer?

Maria Baer

Guys…when people ask me what I do for a living, my eyes light up as I tell them I have the privilege of helping families get more organized in their daily lives and homes (with a dash of party styling and event planning on the side).

But it is super common for them to say in response, “I didn’t even know that was a thing.” You see, everyone is aware of hiring house cleaners, wardrobe stylists and interior designers, but home organizing sits somewhere in between.

When + Why to Hire a Professional Organizer

When + Why to Hire a Professional Organizer

Organized Linen Closet | Image Courtesy of The Baer Minimalist

So if you are feeling bogged down with clutter, are prepping for a major life change or are convinced that there must be a better way to maximize the space in your home, enter the beauty of a session (or two) with a professional organizer. I wanted to lay out some of the reasons WHY I think hiring an organizer might just be the answer to your prayers (or at least help you whittle that To-Do list down this year).

  • EASING YOUR STRESS LOAD: Hiring a professional organizer can take your home to the next level. Often times we focus on spaces that are tucked away from guests (pantries, closets, storage spaces), but cause loads of stress for a homeowner.

  • CREATING A COHESIVE HOME ENVIRONMENT: A professional organizer can get every room in your home organized, all the while creating a cohesive home environment. I’m a big believer in having each category of items have its own home that everyone in the family is aware of. Rather than having tools spread throughout the garage, the basement and the laundry room, employing a designated spot is key. Therefore, it is super helpful to give a home tour to your organizer as you start to tackle a project so they can see where items currently live.

  • IDEA FACTORY: When it comes to organizing there is nothing better than a fresh, well-trained eye. As an organizer, I see systems that work for tons of families (and many that don’t). By working with so many individuals, I can share unique ways to make your space function for you.

  • COMPASSIONATE COACH: Professional organizers act as a compassionate coach who will work to relieve you of extra clutter or set-up new systems. Many organizers are part of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, where we receive training and have a worldwide group of organizers to bounce ideas off of, share best practices and learn from one-another. Asking about an organizers affiliation to NAPO is a great question when seeking out a helping hand!

  • DEVELOPING A PLAN: Working alongside an organizer helps get things done quickly. So often my clients don’t know where to begin. A session with an organizer can be a great way to jump start a project. A professional organizer doesn’t need to google how long to keep a tube of mascara (three months) or when to toss old tax returns (seven years). They are helping hands with specialty training to speed up the process and install time-saving solutions in your home.

  • KEEPING A PROJECT ON TRACK: Organizers will work at your pace, but also push you toward the finish line! In so many cases, I find that we hold onto items not because we want them, but because there is guilt associated with getting rid of them. I work with clients to sell items, consign items, donate to really cool charities across Indianapolis and sometimes, even bring a Bagster or dumpster in to help speed up the process. In all cases, this can be coordinated by your organizer so you aren’t left with a lengthier list of errands to run than you started with.

Labeling Process | The Baer Minimalist

The other question people often ask is “WHEN” should I start working with an organizer? Should I already be midway through a project, or work side-by-side with them from the start.

Organized Small Pantry | Image Courtesy of The Baer Minimalist
  • WHEN THE MOTIVATION TO CHANGE IS HIGH: If you are feeling particularly motivated to get started, that is truly the ideal time to book a session with an organizer. For many of my clients, its not that they CAN’T complete the work themselves, its just that it is too easy to get sidetracked. Having dedicated time set aside and someone helping to push the project forward is generally key to finishing a space.

  • WHEN A MOVE IS LOOMING: Moving is a major life event and can cause a great deal of stress. Getting a home “show ready” often includes a massive declutter, re-orienting of furniture and keeping a home in a constant state of readiness. Moving is also great motivation to declutter and the biggest changes occur when we are selective of what we keep and able to let go of what no longer suits us or our new home. Helping clients ready their homes in advance of listing is a huge benefit to that rough “in-between stage,” but also helps ensure that you aren’t moving items that you no longer need, and that unpacking in your new abode will be a smooth process.

  • WHEN AN UNEXPECTED LIFE EVENT OCCURS: An unexpected life event such as a death, a divorce or a new addition often requires a person’s sole attention.  Whether you were caught off guard or just short on time, a professional organizer is an extra set of hands. Professional organizers have a way of coming in with an unbiased approach and can help create systems tailored to your personal needs.

  • WHEN YOU ARE JUST CRAVING TIME BACK IN YOUR DAY: So many of my clients are seeking a serene, peaceful oasis in their homes (or at least in one small space), but they are short on time and things just pile up without getting done. It is surprising how much can be done in a single session, giving clients time back in the short-term, but also the long-term due to personalized systems that have been set-up.

There you have it! The “why on earth” reasons behind hiring a professional organizer. Please give me a call at 317-294-8409 or complete this survey to get your project started! And if you don’t happen to be local to the Indianapolis area, definitely head over to the NAPO website to find an organizer in your area.

The Baer Minimalist Founder, Maria Baer

The Baer Minimalist helps busy families create ORGANIZED + STYLIZED spaces and events throughout Indianapolis. 

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