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You've Tidied, Now What?


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You've Tidied, Now What?

Maria Baer

This article was originally published in the March Issue of Haven Magazine. If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Not only is it free, but will introduce you to top-notch home-service providers around the Indianapolis metro area.

For many of us, spring signifies a fresh start! We set to surveying our belongings, decluttering items, re-organizing what is left and finally figuring out what to do with all of that unused stuff.

As a residential organizer, I find clients struggle with getting rid of items because they often feel a sense of guilt – maybe you spent too much money and never used an item, or it was a gift from a loved one, or carries special memories for your family. My hope is that the following options help ease the burden of letting those items go.


There are many organizations throughout the Indianapolis area (or whichever community you live in) where your items can be placed directly in the hands of someone in need. Hop on over to our homepage and download the Indianapolis Donation Guide (available here when you sign up for The Minimal-List monthly newsletter).



There are consignment shops around town dedicated to women’s, men’s, and kids clothing along with housewares. The Toggery continues to be my go-to spot for women’s clothing and they are currently testing out consigning men’s clothing as well. However, I will recommend that you are picky about what you try to sell as it can be more trouble than it is worth. Don’t bother bringing in items that show wear and tear or are several seasons out of date.


For those items that have been passed down throughout the years, I suggest taking photos of the heirloom. Pull these photos together into a photobook and share the story behind the item next to the image. Imagine how special it would be to have a coffee table book filled with a history of your family and the items that meant most, while freeing your home of clutter.


What has been the hardest thing for you to get rid of? And how did you end up coming to terms with parting ways?

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