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The Baer Minimalist's Wedding Registry Guide

Maria Baer

I recently grabbed coffee with a bride-to-be who was struggling with putting together her wedding gift registry. She asked if I had any recommendations for what to buy and what might end up gathering dust, which got me thinking about what I would do differently if I were to register again (after almost nine years of marriage)!

Since you can add virtually anything to a registry these days thanks to Amazon and Zola, it is super easy to get overwhelmed. Stay true to who you are as a couple - if you like quiet nights at home, reconsider ordering 50 wine glasses. And vice versa, if you love hosting elegant dinner parties, go all out with crystal and china!

Don't forget that you can always borrow items from family and friends when entertaining if you are tight on storage space or happen to only need a certain item once a year. 

My husband and I LOVE to entertain, but keep things pretty casual when we do. We didn't register for china or crystal, and I haven't regretted that decision a single day of our marriage. 

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How to Turn Your Closet into a Boutique

Maria Baer

No matter how big or small your closet is, I promise these easy DIY tips will make it infinitely more fun to get dressed each morning. 

1. UNIFORM HANGERS: This is the quickest way to transform a closet! Think about your favorite store for a minute. When you walk in you are drawn to the clothes, maybe there are lots of colors in the store or maybe they have a more minimalist approach, but regardless you are focusing in on what is hanging in front of you not distracted by the hangers holding onto the items. 

I absolutely love velvet hangers (and despite what some may think, they don't shed onto your clothes). They preserve the shoulders of your blouses and work well for heavier sweaters too. 

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PROJECT // Nursery to Kids Study Conversion

Maria Baer

I'm SO excited to unveil this space to you as this was quite the transformation! The evolution of this room has been pretty interesting - initially it was a storage room when my client's purchased their home. About five years ago they converted it into a nursery, but their boys are now sharing a room down the hall.

So, it was time to transform this space into a little nook perfect for studying, crafting and building some pretty incredible Lego creations. I think we have a couple of future engineers on our hands with some of the designs I saw!

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Wait, Wait, Don't Throw Me!

Maria Baer

Have you ever been this close to pitching something when it suddenly hits you that it would be the perfect vessal to hold all of your {insert any random collection of items here}? I love it when this happens - giving a second life to something that would otherwise be tossed just FEELS good. 

So, without further ado, I'm sharing a few of my favorite items to hack into a new type of storage container below. 

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The Makings of a Party Kit

Maria Baer

Dreaming up a perfect theme to suite the guest(s) of honor, crafting a menu that keeps everyone gathered around the table and working to create an experience that puts everyone at ease are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE planning parties! 

Several years ago, I worked for a company that planned corporate meetings, mainly in the pharmaceutical world. Gathering RSVPs, managing travel plans for attendees and drafting up agendas were a big part of that world. It certainly played to my love of organization and list-making, but it didn't neccesarily allow for a ton of creativity. 

As I mapped out my service offerings for The Baer Minimalist, I wanted to offer people a way to have memorable parties without all of the stress. Enter Party Kits! 

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