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Hacking Your Way to a Chic + Organized Holiday | Part 2

Maria Baer

We’re back with Part 2 of our guide to hacking your way to a Chic + Organized Holiday Season. If you missed last week’s ideas, hop on over to learn the importance of a Holiday Checklist, best practices for hosting and attending events first.

These ideas are the brainchild of Caryn O’Sullivan, CEO of Drapery Street, and myself and were presented to an amazing crowd at the Indiana Design Center on November 8.

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Hacking Your Way to a Chic + Organized Holiday | Part 1

Maria Baer

Raise your hand if you are in charge of shopping for gifts each holiday season?

How about prepping the meals?

Planning out outfits for family photos? Not to mention scheduling them?

My guess is everyone has three hands raised, so we don’t even need to mention wrapping the gifts, booking flights for distant celebrations, hand addressing the holiday cards, decorating the house. I mean the list is LONG, and can certainly be a major stress during the most magical time of the year.

So when the Indiana Design Center reached out to see if I’d be open to sharing best practices and tips for a chic + organized holiday season, I jumped at the chance. I partnered with Caryn O’Sullivan, CEO of Drapery Street, and last Thursday we presented to a full house.

But I couldn’t leave you out of it, so without further ado, here are a few tried and true holiday hacks to add some joy back into your season.

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Taking Command of Your Summer | Essentials for Creating a Family Command Center

Maria Baer

With a few weeks of school remaining, summer bucket lists have been dreamt up, camp is booked, and lake weekends are scheduled. But have you ever found the fun moments being overshadowed by the stress of keeping up at home?

Enter the Family Command Center, a solution that keeps the entire family on track with everything that needs to be completed during the week.

Here are five essentials to help you create one of your own:  

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The Baer Minimalist's Pre-Vacation Organization Tips

Maria Baer

With all sorts of travel scheduled in the coming weeks, I wanted to share a couple of tips for getting ORGANIZED prior to vacation. I’m all about ENJOYING every minute of a vacation, and for me, that means not having to worry about things at home while I’m away.

My husband and I LOVE to travel! Our relationship has taken us to six continents together, starting by meeting 13 years ago studying abroad in Wellington, New Zealand. See if you can spot us from that time period below - shouldn't be too tough! 

With each of these trips, we seem to hone in on ways to ease the stress of getting out the door on vacation.

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10 Tips for an ORGANIZED + ENJOYABLE Holiday Season!

Maria Baer

I absolutely adore everything about this time of year! The celebrations, the decorations, the extra time with loved ones spread across the winter months. It should be such a joyous time of year.

And yet, it can be totally stress-inducing without a little planning ahead! 

So today I want to share my top 10 tips for an ORGANIZED + ENJOYABLE holiday season! I've got a few timesaver tips and a handful of hacks that will provide you with the ability to just relish in the true meaning of the season. 

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