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Maria Baer

Last fall I worked with a client who had an amazing collection of formal wear - everything from bridesmaids dresses to prom to a pretty swanky collection of accessories. She wanted to donate every last bit of it if I could find a spot that was local and gave the items directly to the community. Challenge accepted...and very quickly, mission accomplished. 

The Gifted Gown, founded by Julia Rutland, provides our community with free formal wear for some of the most magical days in life (prom and weddings). 

Over coffee last Fall, I learned the backstory and mission of The Gifted Gown from Julia and knew that I needed to share all of the goodness they are doing with you. Because chances are, you've got a dress or two that just might be gathering dust in the closet and could change someones life if given a second chance. 

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering this Spring

Maria Baer

This month I was featured in Haven Magazine (Page 12....whoop, whoop), alongside a ton of other amazing home-services businesses. Seriously, if you are in need of an expert to help with anything pertaining to your home, this is a wealth of amazing resources.

With Spring around the corner, I wanted to share my tried and true questions to help make the decluttering process a smidge easier. Check out the magazine HERE and subscribe so that the May issue finds its way to your mailbox. 

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UPDATE // Where To Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis Guide

Maria Baer

March is the month that inspires so many to dust off the cobwebs, sort through the clutter, and make way for an organized SPRING! Hallelujah!!

In order to do my part, I wanted to get an updated "Where To Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis" Guide in your hands.

When I released my "Where to Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis" guide in December, it was clear that this was a valuable asset for homeowners looking to declutter all the while supporting the mission of different organizations around town. 

So many new charities and non-profits were brought to my attention and I couldn't wait to share them with you. Round two is also easier to print and includes hyperlinks if you are viewing on a screen. 

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