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The Baer Minimalist helps you develop unique blueprints for your everyday life which not only keep your organized - and looking darn good in the process - but also create a more convenient way to live life, daily. We made it simple to organize and stylize your life.


The Baer Minimalist Blog - Tips, Tricks and Hacks on Living a more Organized + Stylized Life

Books and DVDs and CDs, Oh My!

Maria Baer

I absolutely love to read…in fact, I had a goal growing up that I would read every book in our library. Spoiler alert, this is not achievable.

I love curling up with a book in my hand and was super resistant to adapting to a Kindle when I received one as a gift years ago. But it has been a total game changer, so much so that I’ve edited the books in my home down to a couple dozen.

Going through my collection of beloved books, sparked a mission of downsizing my various collections of CDs, DVDs and magazines. It’s amazing how much space these items can take up and how they find their way into every room of a house.

But it can be challenging too, as it seems that each item evokes a memory of the past. I wanted to come up with some ways to ease the decluttering process of these beloved collections. 

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Home Maintenance Calendar

Maria Baer

Hey gang! I wanted to share a tip for organizing your home maintenance needs - rather than just waiting for your favorite service providers to keep you in check or WORSE, coming home to appliances that have decided to fall apart in one way or another. 

Something that has helped us stay organized is creating a "Home Maintenance" calendar in Google that can be shared between me and the Baer.  When working with families, I always recommend creating a calendar for each family member's schedule (and the home that keeps your family safe is no exception) - it's quick, color-coded and can be turned on/off depending on what all you want to view on a particular day. 

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Just Get Started!

Maria Baer

One of the benefits of working with a professional organizer is the ability to kick-start a project into gear. My approach when working with clients is to just get started.

Here are a few tips to make the process easier:

1. VISUALIZE how you want the space to look once it has been cleared of unwanted items – maybe you’ll treat yourself to a candle, turn on your favorite tunes (Leon Bridges is top of my list right now) and relax with a book. Maybe not, but do think of the sanctuary that you deserve your home to be. What does that space look like? How will you use it? Breathe easy knowing you are just a few hours away from this reality.

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