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The Baer Minimalist helps you develop unique blueprints for your everyday life which not only keep your organized - and looking darn good in the process - but also create a more convenient way to live life, daily. We made it simple to organize and stylize your life.


The Baer Minimalist Blog - Tips, Tricks and Hacks on LIVING a more ORGANIZED + STYLIZED Life

The Makings of a Party Kit

Maria Baer

Dreaming up a perfect theme to suite the guest(s) of honor, crafting a menu that keeps everyone gathered around the table and working to create an experience that puts everyone at ease are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE planning parties! 

Several years ago, I worked for a company that planned corporate meetings, mainly in the pharmaceutical world. Gathering RSVPs, managing travel plans for attendees and drafting up agendas were a big part of that world. It certainly played to my love of organization and list-making, but it didn't neccesarily allow for a ton of creativity. 

As I mapped out my service offerings for The Baer Minimalist, I wanted to offer people a way to have memorable parties without all of the stress. Enter Party Kits! 

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Treat Yourself...A Consumable Gift Guide

Maria Baer

Making a list and checking it twice...I love finding the perfect gift for my family and friends whether they are naughty or nice.  However, as I get older, I find that consumable gifts have become a favorite to give and receive as they can still be super indulgent and fun without adding to the clutter.  Here are my top clutter-free gifts (with a hint of local flare).

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Project // Polished Family Room for Four

Maria Baer

A few months back, I was tasked with helping a family of (almost) four style their family room. They wanted a cozy, comfortable vibe, but also felt like it was time to upgrade furniture that had been moving from house to house with them since college! 

Could I help pull together this room? Shop on their behalf? Style the bookshelves? 

Um....yes please! 

Here is a sneak peek from my very first visit - it was time to say goodbye to the maroon chair + ottoman and pull this room together!

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