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How to Find Stock Photos for Poshmark

Maria Baer

I get a ton of questions about selling on Poshmark and one of the most frequent topics that comes up is how to showcase better photos. 

Some sellers opt to put together fully styled outfits to use as a cover image, but my preference is to seek out a stock photo from the original retailer. This helps create a cohesive look on your Poshmark page, but also showcases the item in the best light and often times on a model so buyers can better understand fit.

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Why We Love What We Do | #foundHERs at Work

Maria Baer

Remember last winter when I got together with my fellow #foundHERs and we shared some tips for getting organized around the holidays? Each month we tackle a new topic to get ideas and best practices flowing between our small businesses and it has been such a powerful group to be a part of. 

These ladies all run incredible businesses, so if you are in need of a redesigned space (Polish Interior & Art Design), a painting to spruce up your space (Alicia Zanoni Art), a change in careers (Careerable), or an updated marketing plan or website (Kahunify), these women are my go-to gals. 

So here we are, back at it again this month sharing our what makes us tick at work - from customer stories to the reasons we love what we do. 

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Pack Up + Go | The Gift of an Experience

Maria Baer

I'm all about experiences over physical presents and am glad my hubby feels the same! Last year I came across the amazing concept of a surprise travel agency, ala Pack Up + Go

I feel like there are so few times in life when you can truly be surprised, and generally it means that the people closest to you are in on the surprise. Pack Up + Go plans surprise 3-day domestic trips for you and boy, are they good at what they do. 

Back in January, we decided that June 6 - 8 would be the weekend for our trip. We filled out a questioniarre about places we'd recently been, what we liked to do on vacation and the type of weather we preferred. And we recruited some friends to join us in the experience who are also the type to always be up for anything!

From there, it was in Pack Up + Go's hands! 

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Maximizing Profit & Minimizing Time | Your Guide to Reselling Clothing

Maria Baer

Who here has an overstuffed closet and yet has nothing to wear? My guess is most hands are raised right about now.

I have totally been in this boat, but have tried really hard to minimize my wardrobe down the items that FIT, that work with my CURRENT LIFESTYLE and showcase my PERSONALITY.

Along the way, I've sold (and donated) all sorts of items and while it never makes up for the initial cost, it sure does make it easier to part with those pieces that are just never going to work (so long 4" heels...insert wheepy face).

So as you go about Kon-Mari-ing your life and decluttering the closets in your home, you might run across a few items (or dozens) that could benefit from being given a second life. Today I'm revealing the secrets I've learned along the way to maximize your profits and minimize your time as you recoup a bit of cash in the process of clearing the clutter. 

Here is a handy-dandy cheat sheet that explains the ins and outs so that you can maximize your profits (and minimize the time invested) as you clear your closets of clutter. 

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Styling Your Wardrobe | An Interview with Nicole Busch

Maria Baer

I am so excited to introduce you to Nicole Busch, aka Nicole Blair Wear, a personal brand + style expert right here in our own backyard. I met Nicole for coffee a few months back and I couldn't get enough of her infectious personality (and amazing outfit). 

Nicole helps ladies look their best by weeding through their overstuffed closets to create outfits that make them feel like the best version of themselves. Seriously, how amazing is that? 

On top of that, she recently collaborated with a local jewelry designer to launch her very own collection: NBW + Nicole Jewelry. Launching on June 22, 2018, they created a line that is sophisticated, edgy and sexy designed for the everyday woman. You can wear these pieces with jeans and a tee or pair with a gown. Come join in the celebratation at the official launch party on June 22 at Pure Concepts Salon in Carmel: http://evite.me/hzgnQbBPKz

I just love seeing fellow female entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life as much as I love an edited closet filled with only the very best pieces. So without further ado, let's all get to know Nicole!

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