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Home Maintenance Calendar


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Home Maintenance Calendar

Maria Baer

Hey gang! I wanted to share a tip for organizing your home maintenance needs - rather than just waiting for your favorite service providers to keep you in check or WORSE, coming home to appliances that have decided to fall apart in one way or another. 

Something that has helped us stay organized is creating a "Home Maintenance" calendar in Google that can be shared between me and the Baer.  When working with families, I always recommend creating a calendar for each family member's schedule (and the home that keeps your family safe is no exception) - it's quick, color-coded and can be turned on/off depending on what all you want to view on a particular day. 

A smattering of reoccurring items that live on our calendar include:


This is by no means a full list of all the things that keep our little abode going, but each and every home is going to have their own unique tasks included. So I encourage you to take a tour of your own home and make a list of how you can keep things in great working condition. 

Once you've mapped out all of the needs that you have, create a separate calendar in Google. Within the Calendar Feature, Click on SETTINGS, then CALENDARS. From there, you can CREATE A NEW CALENDAR. This can also be a handy way to keep track of reoccurring health appointments (dentist, eye doc, physicals, etc.)

A few reasons why this is a total game-changer: 

1. Saves you from feeling like you are always forgetting to do something. Houses take a ton of maintenance and without a list, it is easy to always be racking your brain for the task you feel like you are forgetting. 

2. Utilizing an electronic calendar allows you to create reoccurring appointments ONCE, rather than having to go through your paper planner at the end of each year to figure out what needs to carry-over. Bonus points if you include the Service Provider Name and Phone Number within the appointment so you don't have to go searching each year. 

3. You can share it with your spouse or roommates (and hopefully share some of the responsibilities too). Wait...maybe this should be #1!

Here is a snippet of my final Home Maintenance calendar for a single month: 


Happy Color-Coded Calendaring, friends and please let me know how you keep your home maintenance tasks organized in the comment section below. 

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