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4 Online Tools that Will Seriously Decrease Your Paper Clutter

Maria Baer

Ugh….paper. It is everywhere and is likely coming in your home quicker than you can review and toss! I’m a big believer in making decisions about paper the minute it enters my home (recycle, shred or needs action), but sometimes if we don’t have an alternative in place, those items turn into a mound on the kitchen island.

No more. I’m sharing my three favorite online tools for decreasing paper clutter and would love to hear all about your experience or solutions for managing paper in your own home in the comments.


I’ve raved about Pinterest again and again, but I use it to organize just about everything! As a result it has truly minimized the amount of sticky notes floating around OR the amount of catalogs that are piling up with dog-eared pages.

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My Life as a Minimalist | Part 2

Maria Baer

And we are back with Part 2 of my chat with Lauren Mofatt of Spark HR. If you didn't check out Part 1, make sure to read it first before digging in. 

You’ve got a husband and two kids. Were they on-board from the beginning? If not, how did you go about working with them to ensure you could all be on the same page about your new lifestyle? 

The husband and kids were NOT on board in the beginning. So I did a lot of the decluttering when they weren’t home. I’d like to say that none of them noticed, but they did. At a certain point, I did shift with the kids and wanted to include them in the process so they would learn and be able to help manage their stuff too. 

What helped with my daughter was to create 3 categories: Keep, Sell, Give Away. If she wanted to keep something, I really forced her to have a place for each item she wanted to keep (which included a used ice cream coconut shell, just wanted you to know what I was dealing with). :)  That really helped resolve a lot of the unnecessary stuff she just wanted to keep for keep’s sake. The best part was, after she did go through her room, she felt so much better! She loved being in her room and could see what she had. 

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Taking Command of Your Summer | Essentials for Creating a Family Command Center

Maria Baer

With a few weeks of school remaining, summer bucket lists have been dreamt up, camp is booked, and lake weekends are scheduled. But have you ever found the fun moments being overshadowed by the stress of keeping up at home?

Enter the Family Command Center, a solution that keeps the entire family on track with everything that needs to be completed during the week.

Here are five essentials to help you create one of your own:  

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DONATION RESOURCE // Project Purse Indianapolis

Maria Baer

If you've ever crossed paths with Chelsea Marburger, founder of Project Purse Indianapolis, you instantly feel a connection. She is making a huge difference in the Indianapolis community by gathering donated purses, toiletries and stationary to spread to some of the most deserving individuals all through the #PowerOfThePurse. 

I've shared bits about Project Purse often but wanted to highlight their donation drive taking place this month. Old National Bank is hosting a donation drive at each of their 20+ Indianapolis locations, providing you the perfect chance to declutter your purse collection or pass off those travel size toiletries that have been gathering dust. You can drop your items off at any of their locations through April 25!

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Maria Baer

Last fall I worked with a client who had an amazing collection of formal wear - everything from bridesmaids dresses to prom to a pretty swanky collection of accessories. She wanted to donate every last bit of it if I could find a spot that was local and gave the items directly to the community. Challenge accepted...and very quickly, mission accomplished. 

The Gifted Gown, founded by Julia Rutland, provides our community with free formal wear for some of the most magical days in life (prom and weddings). 

Over coffee last Fall, I learned the backstory and mission of The Gifted Gown from Julia and knew that I needed to share all of the goodness they are doing with you. Because chances are, you've got a dress or two that just might be gathering dust in the closet and could change someones life if given a second chance. 

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