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VIDEO // Pantry Organization Tips


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VIDEO // Pantry Organization Tips

Maria Baer

When my friends at California Closets asked if I'd like to visit their gorgeous showroom and produce a monthly video series sharing organizing tips, I couldn't get to Downtown Carmel fast enough. 

Our goal was to tackle some of the obstacles that might prevent YOU from attaining all of your organizational dreams. So of course, our first order of business had to be that pesky kitchen pantry! One day you've got it looking fab and the next...well, we've all been there.

Pantries are probably the most trafficked space in every home, so its time we showed this area a bit of love. 

Think about it, several times a day you've got your family grabbing items out, each week you are replenishing many of the items and every once in awhile the pantry seems like the perfect space to hide all sorts of things when guests are on their way over. You are not alone!

So it's time to take control of your pantry and I've got a few tips to help you get started: 

Like I mentioned, there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to organize as long as it is a system you can maintain. 

Head over to the California Closets of Indianapolis Facebook page to get a dose of design and orderly spaces each + every day. 

And comment with the space you'd love to see us tackle next! 

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