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Time to Toss - Expiration Guidelines for Your Favorite Household Products

Maria Baer

Pantries and bathrooms are some of my absolute favorite spaces to organize. Why, you ask?

Well, you just can’t argue with oregano that expired in 2012 or that Cajun Shrimp nail polish that is completely separated.

Whether you are working with a professional organizer, or trying to get started on your own, these are great spaces to get your feet wet when it comes to organizing. Pull everything out, check ALL of the expiration dates and get to tossing.

Having all of the expired products discarded allows you to see what needs to be replenished, but also gives a very true picture about what products you use and which ones you don’t.

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VIDEO // Pantry Organization Tips

Maria Baer

When my friends at California Closets asked if I'd like to visit their gorgeous showroom and produce a monthly video series sharing organizing tips, I couldn't get to Downtown Carmel fast enough. 

Our goal was to tackle some of the obstacles that might prevent YOU from attaining all of your organizational dreams. So of course, our first order of business had to be that pesky kitchen pantry! One day you've got it looking fab and the next...well, we've all been there.

Pantries are probably the most trafficked space in every home, so its time we showed this area a bit of love. 

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PROJECT // Kitchen Pantries Before + Afters

Maria Baer

Oh Pantries! How I love organizing these little (and sometimes big) spaces!! 

It always starts the same way...checking those handy expiration dates. It's amazing how many items are hidden inside the pantry that expired one, two, sometimes eight years ago. Once we've cleared the clutter, it's time to get things in order. 

No matter what the space looks like, my goal is to create zones on the shelves that fit the family's lifestyle. These could be anything from beverages, to breakfast, to baking, to grab-and-go snacks. 

Pantries are also probably the space in your home that are replenished most often, so labeling is uber-important. My favorite markers for labeling are these chalk markers that come in such vibrant colors and work on tons of different surfaces. White and black are certainly the go-tos, but adding a pop of color is so fun, especially when kiddos are using the space. 

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Just Get Started!

Maria Baer

One of the benefits of working with a professional organizer is the ability to kick-start a project into gear. My approach when working with clients is to just get started.

Here are a few tips to make the process easier:

1. VISUALIZE how you want the space to look once it has been cleared of unwanted items – maybe you’ll treat yourself to a candle, turn on your favorite tunes (Leon Bridges is top of my list right now) and relax with a book. Maybe not, but do think of the sanctuary that you deserve your home to be. What does that space look like? How will you use it? Breathe easy knowing you are just a few hours away from this reality.

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