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How to Turn Your Closet into a Boutique


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How to Turn Your Closet into a Boutique

Maria Baer

No matter how big or small your closet is, I promise these easy DIY tips will make it infinitely more fun to get dressed each morning. 

1. UNIFORM HANGERS: This is the quickest way to transform a closet! Think about your favorite store for a minute. When you walk in you are drawn to the clothes, maybe there are lots of colors in the store or maybe they have a more minimalist approach, but regardless you are focusing in on what is hanging in front of you not distracted by the hangers holding onto the items. 

I absolutely love velvet hangers (and despite what some may think, they don't shed onto your clothes). They preserve the shoulders of your blouses and work well for heavier sweaters too. 

Seersucker + Saddles Closet

2. ORGANIZE BY COLOR + STYLE: I think most organizers will agree that having things sorted by color is key. Beyond ROY G BIV, I always try to work to understand how my clients function in their space. In my own closet, I have tank tops groups together, followed by short sleeve tops, and finally long sleeves. I don't have many heavy sweaters, so my lighter options are mixed in based on sleeve length. 

Some might find it easier to organize ALL of their red clothes together (tanks, short sleeve and long sleeve), then repeating through the rainbow. Figure out what works best for you and your wardrobe!

Seersucker + Saddles Closet

3. ADD A TOUCH OF PERSONALITY: If you have the space (like Seersucker + Saddles whose closet I recently organized), it is really fun to create little vignettes of your favorite collections. Maybe your wedding shoes are put on display with a photo from that day OR you highlight a stack of fashion-related coffee table books. Even in the smallest of spaces, there are ways to add a personal touch! 


4. PUT YOUR SHOES ON DISPLAY: Whether you keep them facing forward or have one facing in and one out, create consistency with the way in which your shoes are displayed. This could be peeking out from underneath your lower hanging racks or taking over a full shelving system (if you are lucky). 

Generally, I advise clients to toss their shoe boxes as they take up tons of valuable space. However, they can also be great storage container for items like hats, mittens, swimsuits and other seasonal goodies. 

Seersucker + Saddles Closet

5.  STUFF YOUR HANDBAGS + BOOTS: Ensure your purses keep their shape by stuffing them with newspaper or dust bags. For boots, roll a magazine inside to help it keep its shape in between wears. There are some great products out there, but this option is FREE. I'm always looking out for ya! 

Then the next step is to show them off! I like my clients to see what they have on hand (rather than having to dig or worse yet, forgetting about items), so I work to keep clutches accessible in baskets, utilize Command Hooks to hang smaller bags and then display larger purses on a shelf. 

Seersucker + Saddles Closet

6. COMMAND HOOKS ARE EVERYTHING: In almost every closet I organize, I pull out my trusty side kick...the Command Hook. Whether you are hanging your hats, your jewelry or your robe, these help you utilize every square inch of vertical space in your closet. 


7. REGULARILY EDIT YOUR SPACE: One way to make sure your space doesn't have a calming effect is for it to be a total mess. I love fashion, but have found that the less I have, the more enjoyable it is to put together outfits and really wear what I own. I can see all of my clothes in one spot, versus having to go from room to room to put an outfit together. If space is a major issue in your closet, think about ways to store the off-seasons goods elsewhere (under the bed, in a spare bedroom, etc.).

Not sure where to begin? I've put together five questions to help you start. 

Seersucker + Saddles Closet

8. FINAL STEP = CHEERS: Organizing and editing can be hard work! Don't forget to take moments to enjoy the process, it will all be worth it in the end. And if you start to feel overwhelmed, I'm just a phone call away. Cheers to that #organized + #stylized life. 

All images by the lovely Shelly Ruth Photography // http://shellyruth.com/

All images by the lovely Shelly Ruth Photography // http://shellyruth.com/

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Tips from a Professional Organizer on Turning Your Closet into a Boutique Experience