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Indy Business Owners’ Tips for an Organized Holiday


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Indy Business Owners’ Tips for an Organized Holiday

Maria Baer

Last month, I joined forces with five other female business owners in Indianapolis to chat about our favorite online tools over on Kahunify's Blog

This month, we are coming together to share our tips for staying focused and organized during the busiest season of the year. I could talk about organizational hacks all day long and learned so much from each of these ladies as we shared our tips. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Business Bloggers of Indy!

December is a busy month for our firm! We understand, there's nothing better than a perfectly designed home for all to enjoy over Christmas and New Year's! It might seem basic, but our digital calendar and checklists make the Season a little less chaotic and lot more festive! By planning and preparing a list of project needs ahead of time, we can squeeeze in the extra moments between installations with family, friends and simply enjoying this special time of year.

Courtney Walker Pope
Co-Owner & Lead Interior Designer
Polish Interior & Art Design

How do I say this without getting on the organizational naughty list?! I don't think I can! The holidays are one time when I honestly let myself relax! Some of that may be possible because I do a little shopping earlier, but mind you, I am that person who is standing in line at Nordstrom three days before Christmas and I still need to go to the grocery store to get ingredients for my appetizer I am taking a holiday party! While I don't get it all done ahead of time or stay as organized as I like, I do rely on making a list that keeps me somewhat on track! Ultimately, I give myself a small gift of living on the edge before the New Year rolls around making organizational resolutions a little easier to accomplish!

Christina Greive
Co-Owner & Lead Interior Artist
Polish Interior & Art Design

Two things really help me in December - decluttering and delegating. There is something about the approaching holiday that makes me want to get rid of anything extra in my house. I love the mental space created when getting rid of physical stuff.

Professionally, December is one of the busiest months for career coaches. The end of the year is prime time for people to reflect on whether they want to make a change in their career come January 1. I've learned over the past few years to bring on extra coaching support so that I am not going crazy trying to manage too many clients along with the holidays.

Katie Smith

The holidays can be a time of stress, with all the “should-do”s and “have-to-dos“ we put on ourselves. To help me stay sane and focused this time of year, I give myself some leeway and just pick 3 things I want to get done in a day and work on those. I want to enjoy this time of year; so, by picking A FEW things to do EACH DAY, I accomplish my must-dos AND STILL GET TO BE present when I‘m out with family and friends.

Erica Ballard
Health Living Expert
Coach Erica Ballard Health

I recommend a best practice from Santa - make a list and check it twice! My work system revolves around planning and checking off to-dos, but it's easy to be productive for productive's sake. Especially around the holidays, I try to get really realistic about the time projects take and setting priorities. Then I make like Rudolph - a lot of nose to the grindstone!

Kara Gladish
Big Kahuna

Since organization is the focus of my business, my goal is to plan ahead so that I can truly enjoy the season! There are so many fun celebrations and activities to be a part of in December, and yet, it can quickly feel overwhelming if you also have a ton of things piling up on the ole' to-do list. So, I start early!

In November, I have a reminder on my calendar to order my Christmas cards, tackle my gift list and map out all of the things I'll need to have on hand for holiday parties (hostess gifts, outfits, etc.). Then, once December hits, I feel like I am able to grab + go and just soak up the time with family and friends.

Maria Baer
Residential Organizer + Party Stylist
The Baer Minimalist

So we are curious, how do you stay organized during the holidays? Comment below so we can learn from you!

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