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Where to Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis


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Where to Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis

Maria Baer

This summer I was chatting with a woman who used to sell Creative Memories scrapbooking kits. She had boxes and boxes filling an entire walk-in closet and portion of a guest bedroom (and they'd been there for years). She no longer wanted or needed these items, but because of the large investment she made, she just couldn't bear the idea of dropping items off at a spot where items would be resold. 

I made a few calls and discovered that she could bring these items down to Riley Children's Hospital. Craft supplies would be used for kids in the Child Life Zone, and the journals and scrapbooking kits would be placed in a closet that parents with little ones in to NICU would have access to, so they can document their time at the hospital. 

When I shared this idea with her, she cleared out that closet and bedroom the very next day. She proudly sent me photos of her SUV filled to the brim and couldn't wait to take back that space in her home. The happiness in her voice was a day-maker!

When I started my business, I had two main goals; one was to help people get organized, but the other was to give back to the community. There are so many deserving charities and non-profits that have a huge need for donations, and knowing that your items are going directly to someone in need seems to make it much easier to part ways. 

So today, I present you with a printable DONATION GUIDE that highlights where to donate just about everything in Indianapolis. Print it out, laminate it, share it! Together we can make a huge difference in our community and help people secure a better future. 


Have a favorite organization missing from the list? Please share in the comments below. Let's work together to declutter our spaces while providing for others!

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