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Pack Up + Go | The Gift of an Experience


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Pack Up + Go | The Gift of an Experience

Maria Baer

I'm all about experiences over physical presents and am glad my hubby feels the same! Last year I came across the amazing concept of a surprise travel agency, ala Pack Up + Go, mentioned in my consumable gift guide this past winter. 

Pack Up + Go is a surprise travel agency that plans awesome 3-day domestic trips for solo, duo or group travelers.

I feel like there are so few times in life when you can truly be surprised, and generally it means that the people closest to you are in on the surprise. Pack Up + Go plans surprise 3-day domestic trips for you and boy, are they good at what they do. 

Back in January, we decided that June 6 - 8 would be the weekend for our trip. We filled out a questioniarre about places we'd recently been, what we liked to do on vacation and the type of weather we preferred. We were telling one of our favorite couples about the concept and they wanted to join, so our twosome turned into a foursome (traveling from separate cities, I might add). 

From there, it was in Pack Up + Go's hands! 

One week before our trip, we received an email from Lillian, our personal Pack Up + Go travel director. She shared the weather forecast and a couple of clues to help with packing, and exactly where we needed to be on the day of departure!  

The week of, we received a package in the mail that held our destination! The first thing my hubby did was hold the envelope up to the light. He must not have been the first, because this was all he could see: 

No Peeking

The day prior we heard from Lillian again, reassuring us that she'd checked us in for our flights and sharing an updated weather forecast for the weekend. She was totally on top of her game, making any travel jitters go away. 

We knew we needed to be to the airport at 7:20 am on Friday, June 6, so we arrived at the airport with our carry-on suitcases in tow and FINALLY found out our destination just before going through security. 

Come on, how fun is this for a mutual surprise!?

Come on, how fun is this for a mutual surprise!?

We hopped on the plane, flew to DC and spent the weekend conquering the city! Pack Up + Go provided us with an awesome list of suggestions for things to do, places to eat and even included a personalized google map for our phone with their ideas mapped out.  And we had an amazing stay at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar which was smack dab in the middle of Dupont Circle (and rewarded these tourists with a FREE happy hour each night). 

Whether you love surprises, or the thought of planning a trip is just too daunting, Pack Up + Go is an amazing solution. Mention "Maria Baer" when booking and they will be sure to take great care of you!!

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