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Why We Love What We Do | #foundHERs at Work


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Why We Love What We Do | #foundHERs at Work

Maria Baer

Remember last winter when I got together with my fellow #foundHERs and we shared some tips for getting organized around the holidays? Each month we tackle a new topic to get ideas and best practices flowing between our small businesses and it has been such a powerful group to be a part of. 

These ladies all run incredible businesses, so if you are in need of a redesigned space (Polish Interior & Art Design), a painting to spruce up your space (Alicia Zanoni Art), a change in careers (Careerable), or an updated marketing plan or website (Kahunify), these women are my go-to gals. 

So here we are, back at it again this month sharing our what makes us tick at work - from customer stories to the reasons we love what we do. 


I love helping a client realize, or be reminded of, the value they bring to the job market. If they've been experiencing a challenging time at work, it's easy to lose sight of their unique gifts.

Katie Smith


There's nothing better than a client coming home to their fully installed home. Our process (depending on the scope) can be quite lengthy. From renovations or new builds (and the selections going along with that process itself) to selecting textiles, bedding, rugs, furniture (and placement), window treatment details - there's a plethora of details that finally come together in the end.

Seeing the smiles or happy emotions means everything to us and makes us fall in love with our job all over again!

Courtney Walker Pope
Co-Owner & Lead Interior Designer
Polish Interior & Art Design


I have a few favorites! I really love WordPress web design - organizing pages, thinking through the visitor experience, crafting copy, even optimizing images! I also enjoy Facebook campaigns. It's really fun to get creative with audience targeting, imagery, copy, and tactics, then of course seeing the clicks rolling in! Lastly, almost any company can have a bit of fun in its communications - humor is very effective! My oldest client is a day spa in Bloomington, IN, and the owner loves cats and dogs, so I often incoporate funny cat and dog memes into the company's social media posts. They're always a hit!

Kara Gladish
Big Kahuna


One of my favorite parts of my job is creating paintings of memorable places for my clients. Sometimes clients will send me a photo they took on vacation to turn into a painting, and other times they will ask me to make a painting of their home. Often clients tell me how these places are important to them, like last week when a client gave me a tour of her home and told me all about the renovation process it had undergone.

I am constantly amazed by the unnoticed beauty in familiar places - like the glow of the traffic light we stop at each morning, or the violet shadows stretching across the sidewalks in our neighborhood, or sunspots on a brick house that seep through tree branches above. Not surprisingly, clients are also amazed to discover beauty in their own neighborhoods, and one of my favorite things to hear someone say is, "I know that place!"

Alicia Zanoni
Alicia Zanoni Art


I absolutely love seeing the physical weight being lifted off my client's shoulders at the end of a session. It is pure magic!

It is amazing what we can accomplish throughout a session when a client comes to the table with motivation - whether they want to reimagine a space, figure out a system that makes sense for their family or create a solution that is tailored to a transition taking place.

We also have so much fun! I love it when clients turn on their favorite tunes, share stories about their past as we sort through their belongings and of course, when their eyes light up with the finished product.

Maria Baer
Residential Organizer + Party Stylist
The Baer Minimalist

We're curious, what keeps you grinding day after day in your career? Is it the customers, the tasks at hand or the snacks? Comment below so we can learn from you!

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