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Maximizing Profit & Minimizing Time | Your Guide to Reselling Clothing


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Maximizing Profit & Minimizing Time | Your Guide to Reselling Clothing

Maria Baer

Who here has an overstuffed closet and yet has nothing to wear? My guess is most hands are raised right about now.

I have totally been in this boat, but have tried really hard to minimize my wardrobe down the items that FIT, that work with my CURRENT LIFESTYLE and showcase my PERSONALITY.

Along the way, I've sold (and donated) all sorts of items and while it never makes up for the initial cost, it sure does make it easier to part with those pieces that are just never going to work (so long 4" heels...insert wheepy face).

So as you go about Kon-Mari-ing your life and decluttering the closets in your home, you might run across a few items (or dozens) that could benefit from being given a second life. Today I'm revealing the secrets I've learned along the way to maximize your profits and minimize your time as you recoup a bit of cash in the process of clearing the clutter. 

Here is a handy-dandy cheat sheet that explains the ins and outs so that you can maximize your profits (and minimize the time invested) as you clear your closets of clutter. 

I created a 5 point scale for MAXIMUM PROFITS and MINIMUM TIME, so you can find the solution that works best for you! The higher the number, the more profit and the less time you'll invest. 


And of course, I want to share my personal thoughts on each option highlighted: 

POSHMARK: My go-to spot for reselling goods is Poshmark, but it is definitely the most time intensive of the options available. Poshmark is ideal because you can set and negotiate your own prices, the buyer covers the cost of shipping and you receive 80% of the sale price. Once an item has sold, Poshmark emails you a pre-paid USPS shipping label, so you can drop it right in your mailbox. Check out my top tips for selling on Poshmark here and make sure to follow along @mbaer too. 

CONSIGNMENT STORES: When time is of the essence and you are just itching to clear out a space, the quickest options to offload clothing just might be your local consigment shop (in Indianapolis, I'm crazy for The Toggery). Consignment shops generally list items at about 1/3rd of retail, and you receive about 40 - 60% commission once an item sells. They are also generally interested in your on-trend, in-season items and may require that items are brought in on hangers. Give you local shop a call to learn the ins and outs before visiting so that you can maximize the items accepted. 

THREDUP: ThredUp is so quick and easy, but the pay-outs are slim - as in a few dollars per item. I typically use them after I've listed items on Poshmark, taken them to the local consignment shop and assess what I have left on hand. The biggest perk is they pay resale (meaning you get money up-front) and they accept off-season items. 

THEREALREAL: I didn't include TheRealReal in my guide below, but if you have designer duds, it may be worth looking into. I've experimented with their services and find that items are generally slow to sell (although they are priced higher than a consignment store and you make about 55% of the listing price). 

SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS: I was chatting with a friend's daughter a few weeks ago and she was telling me all about her Instagram Channel solely dedicated to selling her goodies. She is able to bring items to friends and make a few dollars in the process. I love the budding entrepreneurship happening, and think that utilizing your neighborhood Facebook Groups or Instagram can be a smart way to offload. 

May this be the summer that you create the wardrobe you love with existing pieces on hand, and you create room for your pieces to just breathe. Happy Organizing, friends!

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