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DONATION RESOURCE // Project Purse Indianapolis

Maria Baer

If you've ever crossed paths with Chelsea Marburger, founder of Project Purse Indianapolis, you instantly feel a connection. She is making a huge difference in the Indianapolis community by gathering donated purses, toiletries and stationary to spread to some of the most deserving individuals all through the #PowerOfThePurse. 

I've shared bits about Project Purse often but wanted to highlight their donation drive taking place this month. Old National Bank is hosting a donation drive at each of their 20+ Indianapolis locations, providing you the perfect chance to declutter your purse collection or pass off those travel size toiletries that have been gathering dust. You can drop your items off at any of their locations through April 25!

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UPDATE // Where To Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis Guide

Maria Baer

March is the month that inspires so many to dust off the cobwebs, sort through the clutter, and make way for an organized SPRING! Hallelujah!!

In order to do my part, I wanted to get an updated "Where To Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis" Guide in your hands.

When I released my "Where to Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis" guide in December, it was clear that this was a valuable asset for homeowners looking to declutter all the while supporting the mission of different organizations around town. 

So many new charities and non-profits were brought to my attention and I couldn't wait to share them with you. Round two is also easier to print and includes hyperlinks if you are viewing on a screen. 

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PROJECT // Kitchen Pantries Before + Afters

Maria Baer

Oh Pantries! How I love organizing these little (and sometimes big) spaces!! 

It always starts the same way...checking those handy expiration dates. It's amazing how many items are hidden inside the pantry that expired one, two, sometimes eight years ago. Once we've cleared the clutter, it's time to get things in order. 

No matter what the space looks like, my goal is to create zones on the shelves that fit the family's lifestyle. These could be anything from beverages, to breakfast, to baking, to grab-and-go snacks. 

Pantries are also probably the space in your home that are replenished most often, so labeling is uber-important. My favorite markers for labeling are these chalk markers that come in such vibrant colors and work on tons of different surfaces. White and black are certainly the go-tos, but adding a pop of color is so fun, especially when kiddos are using the space. 

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Where to Donate Just About Everything in Indianapolis

Maria Baer

This summer I was chatting with a woman who used to sell Creative Memories scrapbooking kits. She had boxes and boxes filling an entire walk-in closet and portion of a guest bedroom (and they'd been there for years). She no longer wanted or needed these items, but because of the large investment she made, she just couldn't bear the idea of dropping items off at a spot where items would be resold. 

I made a few calls and discovered that she could bring these items down to Riley Children's Hospital. Craft supplies would be used for kids in the Child Life Zone, and the journals and scrapbooking kits would be placed in a closet that parents with little ones in to NICU would have access to, so they can document their time at the hospital. 

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Well, here goes!

Maria Baer

I’ve made a HUGE (crazy, fun, exciting) leap into the world of owning my own business, The Baer Minimalist. I feel like I’ve been working my entire life toward this moment. Each professional experience I’ve had, has brought me closer to feeling ready to take the step toward following my passion of organizing and party styling. 

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