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Taking Command of Your Summer | Essentials for Creating a Family Command Center


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Taking Command of Your Summer | Essentials for Creating a Family Command Center

Maria Baer

With a few weeks of school remaining, summer bucket lists have been dreamt up, camp is booked, and lake weekends are scheduled. But have you ever found the fun moments being overshadowed by the stress of keeping up at home?

Enter the Family Command Center, a solution that keeps the entire family on track with everything that needs to be completed during the week.

Here are five essentials to help you create one of your own:  

1. LOCATION: Your command center should be in a highly trafficked area that is regularly seen by each member of the family. Use a blank wall in your mudroom, the inside of a kitchen cupboard or take over a corner of your laundry room. 

Family Command Center | Created by The Baer Minimalist

2. PERSONAL STATION: Relish in the space you have by keeping it tidy. These spaces can quickly get overrun with clutter. Add monogrammed tote bags for each family member to store items that need to travel to bedrooms or other locations in the house. 

3.  FAMILY CALENDAR: Create a family calendar a week or two at a time that highlights each family member’s commitments in their favorite color. Set aside 15 minutes each Sunday to update and sync with your electronic version. 

4. GOALS: Add a whiteboard to keep track of chores for the kiddos and weekly goals for adults. Don’t forget to include fun achievements you’d like to conquer as a family and how you will celebrate once you’ve met milestones along the way. 

5. MAIL STATION + RECYCLING CONTAINER: Tackle that stack of mail the minute you walk in the door. Keep a recycling container close by to toss junk mail. Create a small station to hold mail that “Needs Attention” and schedule a few times throughout the week to send RSVPs, pay bills and tackle other important documents. 

Housed right by the door, this basket holds all of the essentials for the week. 

Housed right by the door, this basket holds all of the essentials for the week. 

A Command Center creates a central space to keep your family organized, giving you more time to enjoy the memory making of summer. 

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